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20 People Who Woke Up as a Different Person One Day

Even a year can make a big difference in your personality. From a chubby shy boy, you can turn into a model who looks like young Brad Pitt. Transformations like this can make our life better. You just need to make the decision inside of you first. We at Bright Side got inspired by 20 people who have managed to become “different” and ...

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15+ Pics That Can Make Your Day as Sweet as Cotton Candy

Keeping yourself away from negativity may not be easy, but some people give a precious helping hand by posting wholesome photos online. From their dad’s reaction to meeting their first grandson to the glow-up of their rescued dog, these stories and pics can leave the toughest person teary-eyed. Bright Side tracked down some of the most loving, kind ...

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15 Celebs Over 80 Who Are Still Going Strong as Ever

We all know time leaves its mark on anybody, but these celebrities demonstrate that you can do it gracefully while loving life as much as possible. Betty White still jokes around after having just turned 99 years old, and our admiration for her has no limits. Jane Fonda is also a staggering beauty at age 83, and all the productions she stars ...

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14 Things That Help the Japanese Spot a Foreigner in the Crowd Right Away

Japan has one of the most complicated systems of social conventions and rules of behavior. An inexperienced tourist who visits this country for the first time can easily get confused and mix things up. Local people can easily spot foreigners in the crowd by the seemingly insignificant mistakes they make. Fortunately, the Japanese are very tolerant of tourists who unknowingly ...

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10 Things That Happen in Our Body When We Go Vegan

Today more and more people are deciding to go vegan. Not only can this change your body, but it can also have a positive impact on the planet. People who follow a vegan diet can experience some things differently from meat-eaters and vegetarians, from the health of their joints and bones to how well they sleep at night. Bright Side wants ...

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