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Why Doors in Public Bathrooms Don’t Reach the Floor

People have been paying to use the toilet for nearly 2,000 years. And while today we have free public toilets, they’re still different from regular ones. And it’s not only about a lack of privacy. They have one special detail that catches our attention — stall doors with no bottom. And believe it or not, there’s a reason to this madness. We at Bright Side always ...

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10 Mind-Boggling Brain Teasers to Spice Up Your Day

It’s actually a myth that we are more right-brained or left-brained, as research has shown that the 2 sides of our brain constantly talk to each other. This is very useful when it comes to riddles and brain teasers because you can harness your full potential by thinking outside the box (right brain) while also understanding the logic (left brain). Unfortunately, this ...

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BLM leader who vowed ‘bloodshed’ abruptly leaves interview when confronted by Fox News host: ‘No, you’re a coward!’

Black Lives Matter activist Hawk Newsome, co-founder of BLM for the greater New York City area, abruptly left an interview on Fox News Saturday after “Unfiltered” host Dan Bongino confronted him for allegedly threatening violence. What is the background? After a reportedly heated meeting with New York City Mayor-elect Eric Adams ...

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Teacher allegedly calls middle schooler’s ‘Black King’ T-shirt racist, says there should be a white history month. Now teacher is on leave.

An Oklahoma middle school teacher is on paid administrative leave after allegedly calling a 13-year-old student’s “Black King” T-shirt racist and saying there should be a white history month, KFOR-TV reported. Latrell Taft told the station his shirt — which also shows an image of the African continent — was a ...

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17 Women Who Face Difficulties With Their Heads Held High and a Pinch of Irony

A woman who’s never heard the phrase, “After all, you’re a girl,” who’s never received “useful” pieces of advice, or who’s never gotten awkward comments about the way she looks can consider herself to be quite unique. The tweets in our article show situations that every girl is familiar with along with the accompanying wit and sense of humor ...

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20 Pics That Prove Dads Are the Real Superman

Jokes about men being unable to change a diaper are out, and jokes about fully capable dads are in. Research shows that today’s fathers are more involved than ever before. Modern dads spend 3 times as much quality time with their kids as men just a generation before did. They sure deserve that Father’s Day card. Bright Side supports dads, ...

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