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This Bill And Hillary Joke Will Squeeze Your Lungs Out Of Laughter

This is possibly the best Bill And Hillary Joke we’ve come across so far. Take a look…
#4 Back In Time

Hillary might be one of the strongest Presidential candidate in USA right now but by no means are people ready to spare her when it comes to humor. This is possibly the best in the lot.

So this is what happened back in time when Bill married Hillary. Interesting, isn’t it?
#3 The Mystery Of The Box

Now that the mystery of the contents in the box was solved, she naturally had this desire of knowing the reason behind it. She wondered why the box contained beer and cash.

What do you think is the reason?

Keep reading ahead to know the reason.
#2 The Reason

The reason given by Bill was obviously shocking. Another shocking bit here is the reaction by Hillary. She surprisingly took it really well.

But is this the reality? Also, we know the reason behind the beer Cans, what about the money? Take a look ahead…
#1 The Final Mystery

Hahahaha…Knowing the history of Bill, I am not surprised after reading this. So what do you think would’ve been the reaction of Hillary after this? Let us know by commenting below

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