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Pregnant Mom Has ‘Bad Heartburn’ For 10 Days Before Learning Womb Exploded With Baby In It

After Claire and Matt Gaylor had two daughters, Claire was diagnosed with Asherman’s syndrome, a uterine condition that causes scar tissue on the womb. The condition can result in infertility, miscarriages, pain, and future obstetric complications like endometriosis.

Doctors told Claire and Matt it would be impossible for them to conceive another baby.

So you can imagine their surprise when the couple learned they were pregnant with a baby boy in 2013. Claire and Matt were thrilled and surprised, but they were also concerned about the possible dangers Asherman’s would cause their son.

Claire’s pregnancy was going smoothly until 28 weeks later when she began experiencing severe pain above her chest. At first, doctors treated Claire for heartburn.

Ten days later, they realized her horrifying diagnosis.

Claire had placenta percreta, a rare and life-threatening condition that occurs when the placenta grows too deeply into womb muscle. This meant her placenta was literally ripping through her muscles and bursting with baby Cody inside!

However, a real-life miracle was about to unfold.

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This story originally appeared on LittleThings in December 2016.

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