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Man Almost Diagnosed With Eye C*ncer Because Of Doing This At Night

Never keep repeating this. Not good for your eye, take a look…

#4 The Eye Problem
#4 The Eye Problem

This is a real life incident that we all should take a lesson from. What happened with this guy can happen with anyone in this world. Specially, if you have this habit of using your cellphones 24/7.

The man that you can see in the picture almost got diagnosed by eye c*ncer. He got to know about this when a doctor checked his eyes under the suspicion of it being conjunctivitis.
#3 Not A Normal Infection
#3 Not A Normal Infection

This 40-year-old man, who wished to stay anonymous, went to the doctor when he couldn’t see clearly. Everyone around him thought that he is suffering from a normal eye infection.

When doctor started checking up his eyes, he came across something really weird and started revealing shocking facts about this man’s eyes.

Keep reading ahead to know what doctor revealed.

#2 All Because Of The Cell Phone
#2 All Because Of The Cell Phone

Doctor revealed that this man’s albumen turned red because of serious injuries. It’s probably because he always uses his mobile phone for at least 30 minutes in a dark room before he goes to sleep.

He also told that this sort of weird thing will keep happening with him even in future if he didn’t stop using his cell phone out of the limit which will eventually cause him an Eye C*ncer.
#1 Lucky This Time
#1 Lucky This Time

Luckily, the guy didn’t had c*ncer this time but doctor warned him for future. The real problem is that the doctors cannot do anything in such cases as replacing retina is an extremely difficult job for our current medicine.

All this happened because of the direct exposure of your eyes to the light of your cellphone. Please take care of your eyes and your health.

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