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13 Epic Things That Will Happen If Toddlers Could Text

We’ve all seen funny pictures on what would happen if our pet animals could text. They’d probably be making hilarious excuses about wetting the carpet or ask for silly treats. But have you imagined what it would be like if our little toddlers could text?They’d probably give us ‘poop’ alarms or how they messed up the living room table. Let’s take a look.

1.When the parents are having a movie night.


The toddler knows EVERYTHING!

2.Never happening again.


3.There goes alone time once again


Your toddler will never leave you alone.

4.Yes, Tommy deserved it!


Your baby should also be getting a medal for biting another kid.

5.Only the pet cat can keep the baby in order.


6.Mommy and daddy will never get free time.


That’s how evil toddlers are.

7.Grandma is always ready to barge in.


Good grief!

8.When your toddler won’t let you sleep.


9.When your toddler complains to grandma.


Make sure you get it together before grandma comes home.

10.She won’t think twice before using those on her hair.


She doesn’t even care for the consequences.

11.If the toddler cries for you in the middle of the night.


NEVER ignore the call.

12.When toddlers get together and wreck havoc!


13.Turns out, the cat didn’t have an easy time either.


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